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Welcome. I’m glad you found this website.

I created this website to help you decide if coaching, counseling, or supervision might be useful for you. There is some information about myself and the process of working together, as well as information about some issues that you might be facing.

I offer personal coaching, counseling and supervision, in English, for individuals and couples. Most, but not all of my clients, live in Germany, and most, but not all, are native English speakers who are citizens of other countries.

Often clients come to me because they are having difficulties adjusting to life in Germany, or struggling with something at work, or facing challenges in a relationship (sometimes with someone from another culture or maybe a German woman or man). Or simply because they are dissatisfied with their lives and wanting something to change, but not sure how to change or even what exactly it is that needs to change.

I have many years experience giving support to people, helping them solve problems at work and in their personal lives, and finding out what really matters to them in life.

Although I live in Nürnberg, and it’s probably best to talk in person, we can also meet through Skype. I do that regularly with some clients who live in other parts of Germany or in other countries.

Please feel free to read some of the other pages on this web site. And give me a call, or send me an email, if you’d like to talk with me. There’s no obligation.

Tel: +49 (0)911 989 4662

Lange Zeile 30, 90419, Nürnberg