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"The first time I met Cooper, I could feel his warmth, compassion and genuine interest. I immediately felt at ease with him.

The greatest gifts Cooper has given me are communication and self forgiveness. Cooper's approach is gentle and supportive. He is a wonderful human being, and I feel so fortunate to have met him. He changed my life."



"Cooper understands my cultural background and has helped me adjust to living in Germany. He creates a very positive atmosphere around you. Life is mysterious and we need someone who can support us emotionally."


Anne and Josef:

"Working with Cooper has opened our eyes to an entirely new and productive approach to communicating as a couple. After a year of couple's counseling, we've become not only more patient with each other but we've gained a deeper, truer respect for one another. We've learned how to listen, really listen while still ensuring that our individual needs are met. What a lesson! We are still learning...but at least we have the tools now."



"Cooper is great. I love him for the work he is doing to help others. To characterize what he has done for me is beyond my ability to state in a few sentences … suffice it to say I am instilled with a renewed optimism and a sense of self that I had thought was lost when I moved to Germany. I am grateful for his help."



"I watch those people who are able to speak a foreign language - effortless, as if it's second nature to them. I am envious at how easy they seem to do it. Why is it so difficult for me? Working with Cooper, I was able to learn things about my resistance to learning German, ways to deal with the unpleasant feelings that came up for me, and develop strategies I could use on my own to improve my German.

I am by no means fluent in German, but with Cooper’s help, I am more comfortable with German - I even enjoy using it in many conversations (which I thought I would never say). I recommend to everyone who wants to learn German to think about the process of learning a second language."




"As someone with management responsibility, I need someone to help me take a second look at an issue. In my conversations with Cooper, he helps me get another perspective in a way that is unobtrusive and respectful. If I am struggling with a decision and can’t see a solution, I speak with Cooper, and after a very short time I see the light at the end of the tunnel."




"Cooper has a way of listening and making me feel supported, helping me realize things about myself that I need to work on, while never making me feel shameful of my behavior."



"I had the opportunity to work with Cooper in a professional capacity for several years. He helped our organization focus on difficult situations that involved conflicts between people with different cultural backgrounds, coach the involved parties on how to listen to each other and interpret what they were seeing, and what next steps to try. He helped us communicate in ways that were safe and appropriate.

I began to seek Cooper out for supervision on my personal leadership challenges. I wanted to learn how I could better manage people with different backgrounds. Together we developed a set of strategies, and now I am acknowledged by my peers as a better coach and manager, especially in multicultural settings."



"Cooper is one of the best multi-cultural skilled professionals I have ever met in my life. He behaves like a European, has knowledge like an American, hugs you like a Turk, and meets you like a Spaniard."

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Lange Zeile 30, 90419, Nürnberg