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I have a deep respect for people who are interested in their personal development and who want to broaden their perspective, and a strong belief in people’s ability to change and achieve their goals.

The focus of our conversations is you and your current situation. I try to help you bring your own experience and wisdom to get insights and develop solutions for yourself. My goal is to help you get what you want, to help you change your life in the directions that are important for you.

One of the tools that I often use is the Cooperative Process. It is a method for improving communication and developing equality between people. I lead a group in Nürnberg that meets regularly to talk about and apply the Cooperative Process to situations they face in their work and personal lives.

I believe in transparency and openness between us. If something I’m doing is not working for you, then I want to know that, so that I can adjust what I’m doing. I see us working together to meet your needs. If you want, you can read what I share with clients when we begin working together: I call it a Client Contract. It describes what we are each responsible for.

Our conversations are confidential.

Tel: +49 (0)911 989 4662

Lange Zeile 30, 90419, Nürnberg