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In my work as a coach, counselor, and supervisor, I draw on five main sources of expertise, theory, and experience: Transactional Analysis (TA), cultural diversity and oppression, Buddhism, 12 step programs of recovery from addiction, and my own life experience. I am not rigid in any approach, but try to use what I think might be useful for you.

I have worked with some wonderful teachers in my life. As a senior member of VISIONS, a consulting group committed to promoting diversity and challenging oppression, I studied and taught TA, and learned from the experiences of women and people of color. In the mid 1990’s, I began a daily practice in meditation. And my personal experience with a 12 step program has been invaluable as a guide to finding peace and satisfaction in my life.

One of the advantages of being over 60 and having worked with many different types of people in very different situations is that I can usually identify with the things people share with me. When I can’t, I try to find a way to understand. And because I am a native English speaker, it might be easier to share your concerns with me than going to someone who is using English as a second language.

If you are looking for someone who has lots of life experience, is a good listener, is committed to helping people, and who believes that people can and do change, then contact me. To read what others have said about me, go to Comments from Clients.”

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