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Going to see a coach, counselor or supervisor does not mean that there is something terribly wrong with you. Most people who meet with someone like me are simply trying to deal with problems that affect their lives. They want some support, a place where they can talk about their feelings, options for what they can do, a new way to look at things, and in the end, feel more satisfied.

I think that going to someone and asking for help is a healthy response to the challenges we face in our lives. If this is the first time that you have reached out to someone like me, I want to reassure you that it is normal to feel a little scared when you start this process (or even when you simply think about contacting me!). You’re not sure what you’re getting into, or if it will be useful. Or you might believe that you shouldn’t share personal information with a stranger.

This is simply an opportunity to speak with someone who will pay attention to you, share information that may be useful, and help you find solutions that work for you. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself, and to learn about this thing that we all experience called “life.” My role is to facilitate your well-being and personal growth.

I think of coaching as a process where we talk about difficult or challenging situations you are currently facing and developing some strategies for dealing with those situations.

You could say that this is coaching plus a deeper examination of yourself: how is it that you got into the situation you are in, is this an old pattern in your life, and how might we deal with the source of the pattern? So we develop strategies while we explore the underlying issues, and hopefully we get to the source of the problem you are facing.

I provide supervision for people who themselves are helping other people. If you are a trainer, facilitator, manager, coach, mediator, or counselor, and sometimes find that you need some support thinking about how to better work with your clients, then supervision might be useful for you.

Regardless of what we do together, this process requires some work on your part: curiosity, honesty, a desire to change, and tolerance for some uncomfortable feelings. But I think it’s worth it, and the people close to you will probably appreciate your efforts and benefit from what you are doing.

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